History of RSM in Durham

1921 - Consecration of Harte Council No.34, Hartlepool

1933 - Consecration of Ravensworth Council No.44, Seaham

1969 - Appointment of Col. F. Walton as Divisional Grand Inspector – NE

1980 - Appointment of W. Gillhespy as Div. Grand Inspector – NE

1981 - Consecration of St. Cuthbert’s Council No.126, Chester-le-street

1985 - Appointment of W. Bound as Div. Grand Inspector – NE

1986 - Appointment of R.C. Logan as Div. Grand Inspector – NE

1993 - Consecration of Beamish Council No.181, Gateshead

1997 - Creation of District of Durham

1997 - Appointment of S.S. Beattie as District Grand Master, B. Dadswell as Deputy DGM and J. Swinburne as DGPCW

1997 - Consecration of Keith Hind Council No.203, Shildon

2001 - Appointment of J. Swinburne as Deputy DGM and P. Hodgson as District PCW

2003 - Appointment of J. Jolley as District PCW

2005 - Consecration of Monkton Council No.259, Hebburn

2006 - Appointment of J. Jolley as Deputy DGM and Prof. D.K. Wilson as District PCW

2007 - 29th June, W. Gillhespy celebrates 50 years of RSM membership

2007 - Appointment of Prof D.K.Wilson as Deputy DGM and G.N.Thompson as District PCW

2009 - Appointment of Dr David Graham Shipley District PCW

2011 - November, Retirement of District Grand Master, R Ill Companion Selwyn Smith Beattie

2011 -Installation of Prof D K Wilson District Grand Master, D G Shipley as Deputy DGM and N A Marshall as District Grand PCW.

2013 - Appointment of Neil Andrew Marshall as Deputy DGM and Roger Layton as District PCW

2014 - 7th March Consecration of William Gillhespy Council No 319 Darlington

2014  -  New Excellent Master Degree conferred on our DGM and James Peter Croft in Grand Council

2015 -  Appointment of Christopher James Morris as District PCW

2016  -  28th April Consecration of Prince Bishop Council No 329 Crook

2017 - 14th July Consecration of Kessick John Jones Council No 337 Shiney Row

2017 - July Retirement of District Grand Master R Ill Comp Prof DK Wilson

2017 - 9th September Installation of M Graham as District Grand Master NA Marshall as Deputy DGM CJ Morris as District Grand PCW

2018 - 26th January. Installation of AR Davis as Deputy DGM, Roger Layton as District Grand PCW

2018 - 13th July. First Silver Trowel Meeting of Durham attended by the Grand Master

2021 - 4h September. Installation of Roger Layton as Deputy DGM, Bryan Kennedy as District Grand PCW

2023 - 24th February. Installation of Bryan Kennedy as Deputy DGM, John J Stevenson as District Grand PCW